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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Setting up accountability! How to get a 95% success rate.

In Bob Proctor’s book It’s Not About The Money, he quotes from a 1993 study conducted at Brigham Young University. The study compared statements made about a particular change people want in their lives to the likelihood of them incorporating the change.

The results showed that those that made the statement “That’s a good idea.”  had a 10% chance of making a change. Those that committed and said, “I’ll do it.” had a 25% chance of making a change. People who set a deadline by say when they would make the change, saw an increase in probability of change to 40%, while coming up with a specific plan increased the chances to 50%. Committing to someone else that they would do it saw an increase to a 60% chance of change. The biggest jump and most significant factor in ensuring that a change was incorporated into people's lives was to set a specific time to share progress on the change with someone else.

The benefits of setting up accountability can clearly be seen from the above study. There are many ways we can do this, from telling someone close to us, telling our friends or colleagues, publishing it on a blog, or hiring a coach or mentor.

Coaches are specifically trained to contract with clients to hold them accountable for changes they intend to bring about according to the clients terms. The role of the coach goes even further in their process of exploring their client's inherent creativity and resourcefulness in order come up with their own plans and strategies to implement the desired changes.

While coaching is ideally suited to face to face communications, more and more coaching is taking place online through facilities such as Skype or even simply over the phone.

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