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Friday, 5 December 2014

Feedback on the goal...

On 1 October 2014 I set a goal to accumulate 2 Million Rand in 2 months. The deadline was 30 November which was 3 days ago. I said I would hold myself accountable to the readers of this page, so here is the feedback as promised.

My intention was to set up a blog and generate income through advertising and online marketing. My strategy was provide value and inspiration to my readers and thus increase the traffic to this blog. I then signed up for various advertising and affiliate programmes and placed adverts on the  blog.

In terms of results, I have learned a lot about blogging and how to increase views. I have found out more about what statistics are more and less relevant. I have set some small goals along the way, like getting 100 views in a day, which I achieved twice. I have had over 2000 views on this blog in just over 2 months, which I think is pretty good, but not earth shattering. I have started getting shares and learned how to set up a share bar like to one at the bottom of this post. Feel free to use it if you feel there's value.

As far as generating income is concerned, I joined a number of affiliate programmes and if you follow any of the links on any of my posts, you will be redirected to a site that is referenced to my affiliate programme. If you ten buy something there,  I will earn a small commission.

I have also placed adverts on my blog for which I got paid per click.  I was fairly convinced that the income would come streaming in.....

But it didn't... so now what?

I missed the goal of 2 Million Rand in 2 months.... yet this blog is about turning your dreams into reality. I believe I have made a positive difference in at least a few people's lives and this is a fulfilment of one of my dreams.

As for the 2 Million Rand... I'm going to keep at it. One of the most common principles I have read and heard about in personal development books, audio programmes and seminars is persistence. Now is the time to look at what I've done, figure out what I've done well and do more of it, and look at what I could have done differently and make that change.

I am definitely more valuable to myself for having gone through this process and I commit to sharing my continuous growth and improvement with you. I would love to hear your stories.

If you have been inspired in any way, it's time to share...

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