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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The first law of Blogging... be Consistent

I'm Back...

It has been a long absence and I finally decided that I need to continue what I started, and what better to blog about than one of the most basic principles of success at ANYTHING...


Over the nearly four years that have passed since my last post, I have had different levels of success with the many areas of my life that I have applied myself to, but the trend I have identified is that the most successful areas are ones that I applied myself to consistently.

It is easy to acknowledge this kind of statement and I almost feel people reading this, gently nodding their heads and agreeing with me. Think of your biggest goals that you have had some success with and you will realise that you applied yourself to them consistently over a period of time.

I find it frustrating that it seems like such a simple formula... Apply myself consistently over a period of time and I will achieve what I set out to do... And yet there are so many other things that seem to have fallen by the wayside.  Sean Covey and Chris McChesney refer to "The Whirlwind" in their book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. I understand "the whirlwind" to be that stuff of everyday life that we are so busy with that we can't find time to get to our goals...

So what makes the difference?

John Demartini's teaching relates your tendency to apply yourself consistently to a goal to how that goal fulfils your highest values. Which is why I included ADD VALUE as one of my Seven Steps to Success. Relate your goals to your highest values and you will find yourself spending more time on them naturally.

What remains is to KEEP spending that time on them... Consistently. Elements of all of My Seven Steps to Success will lead to consistency in following your goals. Creating Accountability is a powerful way to ensure consistency. Whether you hire a life coach, or ask a friend for or associate to check in with them on a regular basis as an accountability partner, the process of sharing the goal with another person and giving feedback on progress is incredibly powerful in creating consistency and ultimately succeeding.

Looking forward to connecting with you all again... next time sooner, and more CONSISTENTLY.

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