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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Feeling Inspired!

Hi... Its been a while since my last post on consistency... I guess I didn't really buy into that one.

I have been feeling more inspired lately and I can attribute this feeling to having started reading again. More specifically, I'm reading Robin Sharma's book, The 5AM Club.

What I am really enjoying is the way he repetitively emphasises the idea that any of us can be great and inspiring people and achieve amazing feats by following a simple procedure. Whether or not the procedure that is prescribed is specifically relevant to each individual on the planet or not, there are some great insights on building new productive habits to replace old unproductive ones, along with anecdotes about embracing our individuality to achieve our incredible potential.

If not anything else, the book has brought me back to this blog, and I intend to post more regularly with a new aim:

To share my thoughts on ideas and concepts South Africa as a Country needs to embrace to achieve its incredible potential. Some ideas are practical steps specific to our problems as they arise and some are more general ideas that I believe are universally applicable.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas and hearing yours for it is through open minded productive debate that we expand our minds and grow, not only our knowledge, but our collective Wisdom.

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