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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Income Generating Ads! $$$

Many online stores have affiliate programs that allow you to market their products for them and then pay you a commission.

Some have code for banners like the one below that you can simply cut and paste into the HTML of your page.

I will endeavour to only include relevant ads in this blog, and I believe that this one is relevant.

Google Adsense  has a cool function that analyses the content of your website and matches adverts to that content. The idea is that readers will be more likely to follow the links if they are relevant to the content that they searched for and found on your site.

The Free Kindle Reading App enables you to access kindle ebooks from any mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet. There are many free titles so you can install the app and get reading immediately. I also believe that regularly reading about how to achieve success is essential to help change your mindset which is, in turn, essential to the success you seek.

Start reading...GET INSPIRED!

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