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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Accounting for your Success!

How to change your mindset every day to ensure success!

This is the Seventh step in My 7 Steps to Success and its critical in your process.

Ask yourself the following questions every evening:

Where am I on the path to my goal?
What did I do well today?
Where have I succeeded?
What would I do differently if I could do it over?
What is my plan for tomorrow?

The ideal would be to write down your answers in a journal for future reference. You can also also use your journal to track the how well you are sticking to your plan and refer back to lessons that you might want to review. It is also a useful reference to appreciate the small changes that happen over time. You might feel like your progress is slow and that not much is happening on a daily basis, yet the small changes add up and a journal helps build confidence by highlighting that cumulative effect.

Asking these questions is part of the process of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement). It will ensure that you are consciously engaging your CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS to improve the way you operate and get better results from less effort.

Start accounting for your success and GET INSPIRED!

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