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Friday, 21 November 2014

R1 999 999.98 in 10 days... This challenge is getting real.

As you will see,  I have started generating income from my site. I'm a bit behind schedule, yet super excited about it.

Throughout this process, I have been adamant that it's not about the money, and that it's all about adding value and making a difference. One of the points of setting a money goal was to prove that the process works and provide inspiration to anyone who wants to follow My 7 Steps to Success. So I've had to up the ante a bit and start asking some more hardcore questions.

So the questions I have started asking are: "What do I have that is worth 2 Million Rand?" and "How do I get someone to agree that it's worth that and pay me for it?"

That one idea that came to mind was for a social network type application/website. (Details not included ;) I believe the idea is worth more than the 2 Million I'm looking for in the long run, and I could develop it myself or find developers that would take on the project for me.  I would prefer to sell the idea, contract for a royalty and let the guys who have the resources do what they do best and make it awesome.

I would love to hear from some more experienced online entrepreneurs to find out the best way to approach this. Mail me at

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