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My 7 Steps to Success

Everyone has within themselves the creativity and resourcefulness to achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Most people don't set out to achieve it or get lost along the way. These 7 steps are an easy checklist to follow to set out on the journey and reach the destination, wherever that may be.

1. Dream

As I go through these steps to add value I keep thinking "This is one of the most important steps!" and its true for this one. That's why I've made it number 1.

It all starts with a dream. The question is: Where to start dreaming?

Many people jump to the money... What does that money mean to me? Jack Canfield stated in his book, The Success Principles, that some people are scared that money will corrupt them. He follows up with the statement that money only magnifies the person you are. If you are concerned that you might be corrupted by the money, perhaps it would be worth identifying the qualities that you would like to amplify and how money can help you do that.

Its easy to think of Fast cars, Travel to exotic places, or living in a beautiful home. My challenge is to ask the follow up question of what does this mean to me?

Dreaming is taking time each day to answer the question: "How do I want my life to be?" I have put down some ideas to spark your imagination and get you dreaming here.

2. Add Value

Identifying your values in realizing your dreams is a critical step in this process. What are your highest values? How does this dream fit into them, or how do they fit into your dreams? If you can't answer one of the previous two questions, you might need to re-evaluate your dreams.

Any endeavor that helps you fulfill your highest values requires little to no effort since you feel inspired while working on it.

John Demartini provides a practical process for identifying and understanding our values in his book The Values Factor.

Identifying the value to you of your dream will make the work required to realize  it insignificant. Check out How to link your Dream to your Values.

3. Set the goal

I've heard some extremely successful people refer to goal setting as one of the most important aspects of success. To me this is the process of adding specifics to the dream, like a target date and steps along the way. How do I know when to make my target date? How will I know that I have achieved the goal? What will I feel? Who will I tell?

4. Affirm it

Building an Affirmation is where you really start to reprogram your subconscious. Napoleon Hill mentioned in Think and Grow Rich that the subconscious mind is the link between our conscious mind and infinite intelligence and that our subconscious mind takes whatever it is fed by the conscious mind and endeavors to create a reality around it. The subconscious mind responds to repetition and emotion which is why the affirmation must be repeated at least twice daily, and as if you mean it, in order for change to come about.

It appears as if, over the years, the process and content of affirmations has been optimised.  I have found a good formula in Jack Canfield's The Success Principles and it is described on my Affirmations page.

5. Create Accountability

Accountability has been shown to be one of the most powerful motivators in achieving goals and converting dreams into reality. Studies have shown that establishing an agreement where feedback will be given on a specific date or time regarding progress towards a goal resulted in a 95% chance of the goal being achieved.

Find out more about Creating Accountability to give yourself the best chance of Taking your Dreams 2 Reality.

6. Take Action

This is where things need to start happening. There is no point in spending all the time you have spent getting this far to let your dreams fall by the wayside. Find out how your subconscious will give you hints and tips, hunches and clues to find path to your desires.

7. Account for your Success

These steps will start you on the road to turning your dreams into reality no - matter what they are. Whether it be success in sport, success in business, stopping smoking, losing weight, quality family time or building a relationship, the formula is universal and based on years of experience and practices of some of the most successful people of all time.

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