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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Getting emotionally invested.

I felt like I had a bad day yesterday and I'm sharing this because it led to a bold realization. If I hadn't started listening to audio books on success principles, and if I hadn't set out on this journey, I probably wouldn't have felt much at all. In our daily lives we tend towards the comfortable. Its easy to settle into a routine and carry on our lives.

Having a dream is easy. Everybody has them. We chat with our friends about our dream car or garage. Where we will live one day and in which destinations we will vacation. The dream gets a little less comfortable when we turn it into a goal because now it has a time frame and you can measure how you're doing. The scariest part is telling someone else about it. Now that person knows if you're making it or not. Strangely, the next stage gets a little easier... If you create accountability and let someone know that you will check in with them and tell them when you have achieved your goal, there is a mind shift that triggers action.

As I go through this process of setting up an online business to make R 2 Million in 2 Months, I have days where I feel invigorated and inspired, and then there are days like yesterday when I feel a bit dejected. This is natural as I have activated my emotions. By getting out of my comfort zone, it is natural that I will FEEL more.

In "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill describes emotions as the link between our finite knowledge and "Infinite Intelligence." Through our emotions we are able to tap into the infinite resources and creativity available to us to solve the challenges that we identify on our path to our dream. Emotions are important and it is important to identify and embrace the positive intent of all emotions. It is the positive emotions that will inspire us to find the plan that we require to meet our objectives.

Through creating affirmations and reciting them with real emotion we can gradually reprogram our subconscious and tune it into our infinite creativity. Positive, emotive affirmations, also go a long way to helping us to re-frame the negative side of emotions and harness the positive aspects of them.

I have acknowledged now that it might not be plain sailing all the way. Reaching this objective is going to take effort and a great degree of creativity and I am more than capable of doing it. While I may have a few low days, I am incredibly excited about the ever increasing number of highs I am having too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please open the post and leave a comment.

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