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Friday, 14 November 2014

Defined by dreams...?

Who am I?

Interesting question... I have been wondering what defines us? What is it that you want to know about me? I will give a brief synopsis of my CV and then share with you my dreams, some of which have been realised to a greater or lesser extent, and some that I am busy turning into reality.... for what defines us better than our dreams...?

I am Guy... (Pronounced Ghee) and I am all about changing the world, one small step at a time.

Qualifications and Accomplishments

Junior International Oarsman
Aeronautical Engineer.
Air Force Pilot.
Life Coach.
Ironman Triathlete.

(Most visionaries only get called that after their visions have become reality. Watch this space...)

My Dreams

I Make a Difference
I Inspire Everyone I interact with.
I am Financially Independent
I can Fly Any Aircraft in the World
I am a Competitive Athlete in Peak Physical Condition

These dreams are fairly general and I will  share how I have turned them into specific goals in posts from time to time.

Feel free to ask me a question at the address below and I will make every effort to reply.

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