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Friday, 10 October 2014

62 views so far today...

38 to go... If you read my earlier post you will know that my target for today was 100 views. I will only know my in just under 2 hours if I made it or not. What is significant is that this has been my best day so far without sharing directly with all of my Facebook friends. (Those of you who responded and are following this, Thank You!) What I did learn from that experience was that sharing to Facebook, and selecting the option of Friends rather than Public, generated a huge response. So if you have read any of my other posts.... and you see some VALUE in what I'm putting out there... and you would like to see this very short term goal achieved, help me out and share this to all of your friends, Retweet the twitter link to your followers, Follow the blog and let's get these messages out there!

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