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Friday, 10 October 2014

Catching up on previous promises! My Affirmation

I have been so excited about sharing my ideas that I have left out some of the aspects I promised to share with you. In the post on Affirmations, I said I would share the affirmation related to this project. It follows a formula from Think and Grow Rich and I find it energises me. It is an example of how you could build your own affirmation to help you change your mindset and achieve whatever it is you want to.

If you want to use it as it is to follow the same path as me, I welcome it. I hope you will share some of your insights as I am sharing mine with you.

The affirmation is as follows:

1. The exact amount of money I desire is 2 Million Rand in 2 months
2. In return I conduct Internet marketing and advertising.
3. I am accumulating this amount of money by 30 November 2014
4. The plan I am implementing to achieve this is to establish a website and blog and actively work to increase traffic to the website by providing content of value to my readers while optimising all forms of income from the site.
5. I am excited about having R 2 Million or more and the piece of mind it brings in terms of being the beginning of an ongoing passive income source. I am passionate about inspiring people to reach well beyond their perceived potential. I am deeply grateful that a can do this.

When I read this I read it with as much emotion as I can muster and I believe it more every day.

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