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Saturday, 4 October 2014


One of the common themes I have come across while reading about success principles and one aspect I believe is key to achieving the 2 Million in 2 Months challenge is affirmations.  In fact I am already seeing the difference they are making in my life.

So how do they work? I see it as a reprogramming process for our minds. What we spend time thinking about, no matter whether positive or negative, we will bring about to a greater or lesser extent in our lives. Affirmations sew the seeds of an appreciative mindset which grows to fully occupy our minds. If we spend time imagining how we want things to be, our minds set about figuring out how to make that happen.

Recently, a friend posted a " Motivational" poster in a group chat.  The poster dealt with 10 things to give up in order to move forward. The ideas presented seemed to make sense, but left out the critical aspect of what should BE DONE, rather than what shouldn't.  I immediately spent some time re-framing the statements into affirmations. They can be seen in the Prezi,  "10 Affirmations to Move You Forward." These affirmations are general and can be used by anyone. Ideally they should be read aloud twice a day, once in the evening before going to bed and once in the morning once awake enough to read them with emotion as if you mean it!

I am really excited to hear your thoughts and experiences relating to these affirmations. Let me know what works for you and how you have noticed positive change through reading them.

In my next post I will share my affirmation regarding this goal. In the meantime, have fun getting inspired.

(As far as I have been able to establish,  the Prezi doesn't work on some tablets and will need to be viewed on a desktop PC or Laptop)

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