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Saturday, 4 October 2014

As mentioned.  I feel it's important to share the values behind the R2 Million in 2 months challenge. And I will.

First I will give a quick update on progress...

I started out by establishing this blog and setting the intention to achieve my goal.  By publishing it I am holding myself accountable to all of you.

I created an affirmation about what I will achieve and how and by when I will achieve it. I will share this with you in a future post.

I have also bought a domain for my website as well as a Web hosting service.

I have registered with an online marketing service through which I can access content that I will be able to sell through my website.

I have also registered with an affiliate programme where I can receive a commission for business derived from my referrals.

I am looking into how I can generate income from advertising on my blog and website.  I will keep you updated on the progress.

As for the values that I am looking to fulfil... I went through an analysis of what my highest values are and found them to be training and competing in sports, followed closely by inspiring people. Other values are making continuous improvements to my living environment and seeking efficiency in systems.

By earning 2 Million Rand in 2 Months I will have set up a passive income source that will allow me to spend more time training. With the increased income I will have the monetary capability to buy better equipment to be more competitive in the increased number of events that i will be able to enter.

As for inspiring people... by demonstrating that this is possible, I will give you the inspiration and tools to use to achieve your own goals. It is important to me that this is both about what I can achieve and what you can achieve.

There are some important principles that I will cover in the next post.

Looking forward to sharing them with you.

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