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Monday, 6 October 2014

Challenges and Opportunities

So the ideas are coming thick and fast at the moment. It's quite exciting and I'm feeling a little daunted about finding time to put them into action.

Where am I so far?

I have the goal clearly stated in an affirmation.
I have this blog running and accumulating traffic (Thank you)
I have a domain name
I have now added a couple more revenue generating options to what I can include on the website.

The challenge I am facing is a building a website. There are a number of tools available. I just get the feeling that there are people out there who could put something together for me in a fraction of the time I have spent.

There is a principle there that I haven't paid much attention to yet, and that's time leveraging. If you can get someone else to do something time consuming for you, and it fulfils their highest values, you can spend your time fulfilling yours.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could recommend someone who can assist with building the website for me.

Looking forward to your feedback

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