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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How do I change my mind?

Looking back I noticed that I have been through a number of phases over the years. At times I have been very motivated and have achieved almost anything I set out to achieve.  During other times I found myself floating along and letting life happen. When I analysed the major achievements in my life and the times where I found the most fulfillment, I realised that they were all linked to times when I was actively involved in personal development of some form or another.  These were a combination of seminars, books and audio programmes.

Interestingly,  it is through some of these programmes that I have come to realise how they work and how powerful the process is. The first principle of Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" is taking ownership of your life. It is important to accept that where you are is a direct result of what you have done in your life, the decisions you have made and the thoughts you allow yourself to indulge in. The easy way to go about things is to let other people influence your thoughts and therefore what happens in your life. Part of the process of growing up is absorbing rules and beliefs from our parents and teachers and other influences in our lives. If we are lucky, our parents encourage us to be inquisitive and open to opportunities. If not, there is still hope as anyone can change their thought processes.

The recent movie "Lucy" explores the possibilities of what we can do if we use more of our brain's capacity, and while altering gravity and controlling time might be current science fiction, it points to the often underrated potential that we carry within our consciousness.

0ne of the first aims is changing our mindsets. This principle is covered in depth in Bob Proctor's "It's not about the money." In this book he asserts that wealth is a mindset as opposed to a bank balance. This is why we see that lottery winners often revert to poverty while some business icons speak about having lost it all on more than one occasion and yet bounce back to incredible wealth.

What does this mean? Fortunately these "Gurus" all agree that you are in control of the mindset you have and that you can reprogram your subconscious thoughts. It takes work and repetitive action and happily the work is quite easy. The long and short of it is to bombard your mind with the thoughts, images and messages of the mindset you want. Everything you read, hear and see is processed by your conscious mind and filtered into your subsubconscious.

The way I see it, every time this happens, we make a tiny change to the way we perceive the world. If we fill our thoughts with a general mix of inputs, there is little change that we can observe. If, however, we fill our thoughts and actions with how we want things to be, the little changes to our subconscious add up to significant change in the way we see things.

As we start to see things differently, we start to notice opportunities and make connections that would have seemed irrelevant before. Our minds start figuring out how to turn our dreams into reality.

This is the theory, I'll share my experience of the practical next time.

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