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Thursday, 16 October 2014

I have a dream! What is yours?

My dream goes well beyond the 2 Million in 2 Months challenge and relates to the future of this country. South Africa has incredible potential... I have used the word "potential" often in these posts, and yet it is one of my least favorite words. I feel that the word potential is limiting in that it presents a view of what could be achieved as opposed to what is being achieved... let me reframe the above statement: South Africa is an amazing country with a diverse and dynamic population that has incredible amounts of resourcefulness and creativity. The future is bright for all South Africans. My dream is for a South Africa where every individual has the opportunity to contribute his/her unique talents and abilities to building a brighter future in this country, to uplifting all fellow South Africans and reaping the benefits of this beautiful and rich land. I dream of a nation of people that value their integrity and businesses that thrive from adding value to their customers and society. I have a dream...

Every time I listen to the news on the radio and I start to feel a bit depressed about all of the bad news that gets reported, I become more determined that I will make a difference. Every person that is born on this earth has an opportunity to make a difference. It all starts with a desire, followed by a decision and persistent effort towards turning the desire into reality. Great people in the past were labeled as visionaries because they created a picture in their minds of how they wanted things to be and allowed their minds come to up with plans to make that vision a reality.

Nelson Mandela kept believing in a dream through years of oppression and 27 years of imprisonment. It was only quite late in his life that that dream started becoming a reality, and it is still in progress.

We need to create a clear picture in our minds of how we want the future to look in South Africa, and then work on a group consciousness to bring about practical ways for that vision to be a reality.

How does the ideal future look in this country. Comment below?


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