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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Updated Affirmation

As I read my affirmation each morning and evening,  I notice small changes in my mindset. These changes have translated into changes in my affirmation.  I believe these changes will be necessary for me to attain my goal,  and yet they relate to a shift in focus away from the money. Here it is:

1. The exact amount of money I desire is 2 Million Rand in 2 months
2. In return I find ways of adding value to my readers lives by sharing my processes, thoughts and lessons learned in achieving a clearly defined goal through setting up an online shopping and advertising website.
3. I am accumulating at least R 2,000,000.00 by 30 November 2014.
4. The plan I am implementing to achieve this is to establish a website and blog and actively work to increase traffic to the website by providing content of value to my readers while optimising all forms of income from the site.
5. I am excited about having R 2 Million or more and the piece of mind it brings in terms of being the beginning of an ongoing passive income source. I am passionate about inspiring people to reach well beyond their perceived potential. I am deeply grateful that I can do this.

If you compare it to the previous one you will notice that while the end goal has remained the same, the focus has shifted to inspiration. One of my highest values is making a difference in people's lives, so help me get to the thousands of people I would love to be inspiring.

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